Physical Therapy

Foot and lower-leg pain and discomfort from injuries and various conditions can keep you from enjoying everyday activities and simple tasks like walking. Injuries and other issues may not only cause pain, but can also hinder the proper functioning of your feet or lower legs.
Physical therapy (PT) may be helpful in relieving pain and restoring function to your feet and lower legs. Your doctor can determine if PT will be helpful for correcting your specific medical issues.

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    Need for physical therapy

    Injuries, diseases like arthritis, and other problems with your feet and lower legs can cause pain and make day-to-day living difficult. Although your condition may require surgery or another treatment, it can leave your muscles, ligaments, and other parts of your body in a weakened condition.
    Physical therapy employs various techniques to strengthen your body and help restore proper function to your feet and lower legs. Some PT methods that may be used during your rehabilitation include:
    • Electrical stimulation.
    • Exercise.
    • Ice and heat application.
    • Stretching.
    • Ultrasound.

    Need for physical therapy

    Depending on your specific condition, physical therapy may be the main component of your rehabilitation or it may be used to complement other treatment methods. By coordinating efforts with a physical therapist, your podiatrist can create a comprehensive plan for your rehabilitation. Be sure to talk to your doctor about physical therapy for your condition to determine if PT could be a valuable part of your recovery.

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